SLEEP WELL WITH SLUMBERCOVERS(TM) : The Perfect Weighted Blanket for Your Child
 BREAKTHROUGH PerfectStay Technology
SlumberCovers Weighted Blankets Help Reduce Anxiety & Depression and Deepen Sleep
Give your child the gift of a good night sleep. Weighted Blankets emulate the sensation of a comforting hug which is a natural way to soothe your child all night long. Using a weighted blanket can help your child FALL ASLEEP FASTER AND STAY ASLEEP ALL NIGHT.
  •  Even Weighting: Our PerfectStay(tm) technology ensures the weight is evenly distributed and stays that way!
  • Perfect Weight and Size:  at 7 pounds and 41"x60" this blanket is perfect for most 7 to 16 year olds 
  • Comfortable: Luxurious minky dot cover for is calming and soothing.
The SlumberCover 7 pound weighted blanket is a two piece set which consists of both the inner 7lb weighted blanket filled with 100% hypoallergenic non toxic glass beads PLUS a super soft two sided minky dot cover. The size of the blanket is 41” x 60”.
Give the Gift of Sleep with a SlumberCover!
Studies show that sleep is critical to a happy and healthy child and is as important as good nutrition. Sleep benefits range from improved concentration to improved reaction time, and sleep even helps with weight management. And best of all a well rested child is a happy child !

Congratulations on discovering the best weighted blanket on the market. Our weighted blankets uniquely minimize glass bead movement and provide greater comfort through our unique PerfectStay technology that combines smaller diamond shaped quilted pockets with 2 layers of fabric to greatly minimize movement of the small glass beads that provide the weighting.
 Weighted Blankets are scientifically proven to improve sleep
 Known to reduce anxiety and restlessness
  Great for children with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety disorders, and depression
"...It Helped Her Sleep Like a Baby!"
Our youngest daughter started having bad dreams after she started school. It wasn't long after that she grew scared to go to bed at night because of the nightmares.
We bought this a few months ago and our daughter loves it! It's helped her sleep like a baby every night since we got it for her.  We are very seriously considering buying them for each of our kids now. 
Matt, 45 - Mason, MI
"...Our Son Loves This Blanket!"
Our son loves this blanket! He's sleeping so much better with it! Love that the plush cover is removable!
Paolo, 38 - Los Angeles, CA
"...It's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
Just the right size for my 5 year old. He loves the weight and the minky cover. Sleeps through the might much better since we started using this blanket.
Masha, 35 - Tampa, FL
Give your child the gift of a good night sleep with a SlumberCovers 7 pound Luxury Weighted Blanket!
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